GameSir F2 Firestick Grip Controller

AED 40.00


  • Hardware Peripheral: GameSir F2 Mobile Game Controller, use for mobile phone screen, locking the screen playing FPS games to fire for speed up, Long press not tired, make you more comfortable in game-playing.
  • High Speed: Moving aiming and shooting at the same time, high Speed help you eat chicken quickly. Mobile Game Controller have two separated clips can be assist with micro-operations that are easily to be neglected by hand control to speed up and reduce the reaction time.
  • Shooting Clip Design: The design of the Shooting clip making Mobile Game Controller more stable is not easy to move, so that we can play games more safe. Black, Pink, Blue 3 colors for your choosing.
  • Game Support: The Smartphone PUBG Game Controller Support almost games on Android or IOS phone, Perfectly compatible for FPS games.The game won’t detect you as a emulator player, there’s no risk of being kicked out of the game or accounts being banned.
  • Easy To Operate: With the PUBG Mobile game Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to touch the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations.


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