GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller

AED 375.00


  • Are you worried that the charging port will be damaged or the plug will be broken when you install the phone? Don’t worry, our GameSir team has applied an exclusive and innovative patent on GameSir X2, which is the adjustable Type-C plug.
  • GameSir X2 is determined to become the most trusted partner of players in the game, so we have worked hard on quality and improving the users using experience. For example, the micro switch buttons with a service life of 3 million times, and the soft rubber grip that can provide a comfortable hand-held feeling.
  • Don’t worry that GameSir X2 will not fit the size of your device. Its stretch design allows you to fit a mobile phone with a maximum length of 167 mm.
  • Ultra-low power consumption allows you to play for a long time. GameSir X2 itself does not contain a battery but is powered by the phone through the Type-C port. Don’t worry about the fact that the phone has to run games and power the GameSir X2 so that the battery will drain quickly. The GameSir X2 has extremely low power consumptio


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