Logitech G920 Driving Force (Racing Wheel for XBOX one and PC) | 941-000124

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System Requirements
  • Xbox One
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • Powered USB Port


Logitech G920 Driving Force

Racing Wheel For Xbox One AND PC

Designed for the latest Xbox One and PC titles, Logitech G920 Driving Force features dual-motor force feedback and quiet helical gearing. On-wheel buttons and paddle shifters help you make crisp, precise gear transitions, while the separate pedal unit gives you natural, responsive foot control. Driving Force is built for comfort and durability with hand-stitched leather and stainless steel components.

Designed For Distance

Driving Force handles the stress of racing action and is built for long-lasting reliability. Solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft and stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals make G920 the long-distance race wheel. It’s covered in high-quality, hand-stitched leather, with the look and feel of a high-performance racecar wheel and it gives you a more comfortable, durable experience.

Dual-Motor Force Feedback

Feel your tires on every turn and type of terrain, sense under- or over-steer drifting. Powerful dual-motor force feedback realistically simulates force effects for precision response.

Responsive Pedal Unit

Maintain a more realistic driving body position with the separate floor pedal unit with integrated throttle, brake, and clutch pedals. G920 Driving Force lets you comfortably accelerate, brake and change gears with the feel of an actual car.

Mounts Securely

Take your racing to the next level with a Playseat racing simulation cockpit.

Helical Gearing with Anti-Backlash

Helical gears are modeled after gears used in automotive transmissions to reduce unwanted noise and vibration. Anti-backlash keeps the wheel and pedals tight, maximising your control. This steering wheel delivers exceptionally smooth, quiet steering action. G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel features a long lasting, reliable hall-effect steering sensor, using magnetic fields to sense the position of the wheel.

900 Degree Steering

The 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation of the G920 Driving Force means you can turn the wheel around two and a half times, hand over hand on wide turns. It’s the same degree of motion as a steering wheel inside a car.

Works with Driving Force Shifter Attachment

Complete your racing rig for the most realistic experience. Add the six-speed manual Driving Force shifter to your racing wheel setup.

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  • 941-000124
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