Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset

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  • Be the first to react with precise target detection : Hear them before they see you. With 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and our proven hardware technology, you can detect where your opponents are and how far away. Even players hiding in shadow, or behind walls and obstacles, can’t stay hidden for long.
  • Powerful bass frequencies : Ducts on the housing of the INZONE H3 control and optimise low frequency sound reproduction for powerful bass that makes deep sounds like explosions and engines seem incredibly real. Hear the drama and intensity of your gaming world all around you.
  • Cushions your head perfectly : The wide, soft headband cushion spreads weight evenly across your head for long-term wearing comfort.
  • Fold down to talk : When you want to use the microphone, fold it down and adjust it so it’s close to your mouth. Highly flexible, it can be angled into any position.
  • Boom microphone, voice-focused : The high quality boom microphone, shaped so it can be brought closer to your mouth, ensures you’ll always be heard clearly. Because the microphone is unidirectional, your voice is picked up cleanly even during the most frenetic moments of a game.


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